For Elite


Orchestra Elite is a fresh breath in which Turkey’s talented and famous musicians come together to form it. Orchestra Elite adds the experienced musicians as well as young talents of the new generation to its structure to set off and it is also very pretentious with the versatile music that they perform.

With its distinguished repertoire, Orchestra Elite performs Operas, Napolitens, Arias, French chansons, Argentinean tangos, waltzes, Latina and jazz standards, universal pop music as well as Turkish nostalgic and current pop, Turkish art music, classical Turkish music, Greek music successfully.

Our orchestrate members have been involved in the leading Turkish TV entertainment programs, accompanied with many famous singers from A to Z, participated in great concerts, meetings, international festivals at home and abroad and won a great approval for many years.

As Orchestra Elite, our mission that we adopt is to enliven all of esteemed music lovers’ special and expressive days and share their felicities.